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Condition and Grading Standards, Paper and Box Standards

We use TCA (Train Collectors Association) standards.

Condition/Grading Standards

C-10 Mint—Brand New: all original; unused and unblemished.
C-9 Factory New—Brand New: all original; unused; may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.
C-8 Like New—Complete All Original: no rust, no missing parts; may show effects of being on display and/or age; may have been run.
C-7 Excellent—All Original: minute scratches and paint nicks; no rust and no missing parts; no distortion of component parts.
C-6 Very Good: Minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust, free of dents. May have minor parts replaced.
C-5 Good—Sign of Play Wear: scratches and minor paint loss. Small dents, minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
C-4 Fair: Scratched, moderate paint loss, dented missing parts, surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
C-3 Poor—Requires Major Body Repair: Heavily scratched, major rust and missing parts. Restoration candidate.
C-2 Restoration required.
C-1 Junk—parts value only.

Paper/Box Grading Standards

NOTE: Any paper or box that has been repaired can be graded no higher than P-5.

P-10 Mint—Brand New: Complete and all original as manufactured and unused.
P-9 Store New: Complete and all original and unused. May have merchant additions such as store stamps, price tags et al. Boxes must have inner liner/s, if appropriate.
P-8 Like New: Complete and all original. Evidence of light use and aging, additional notations since leaving publisher or manufacturer. Contents of box may be missing.
P-7 Excellent: Complete and all original. Handling indentations, minute edge wear, small creases.
P-6 Very Good: Complete and all original. Minor abrasions, creases and/or folds. Small tears, slight color changes, minor soiling. Box may have inner liner/s missing.
P-5 Good: Items show substantial wear. Moderate abrasions, creases and/or folds; moderate tears and losses. Moderate color changes, staples may be rusty or replaced. May have been repaired with archival tissue and adhesive.*
P-4 Fair: Heavy damage but generally legible. May or may not have been repaired. Paper may be brittle. Boxes may have inner flaps missing.
P-3 Poor: Incomplete, may be very brittle, significant deterioration. Extensive amateur repairs. (Scotch Tape® or equivalent).